The Python QuantsThe Python Quants

  • Derivatives Analytics

    Derivatives Analytics On Demand – Web-based, Cross-Asset, Global Valuation, Python-based.

  • Web-based Analytics Suite

    Our analytics suite is completely Web-based (cloud & in-house). Register for a Free Trial in 30 seconds.

  • Cross-Asset

    Value derivatives across asset classes, compose complex porfolios with multiple risk factors and trades.

  • Global Valuation

    Non-redundant modeling of all risk factors and trades, consistent valuation of all derivatives, consistent risk aggregation.

  • Python-based Financial Analytics

    The analytical core of of our analytics suite is implemented in Python and is optimized for flexibility and performance.

Free Trial

  • Paths per simulation run limited to 5,000
  • Single user plan
  • For 1 month
  • Shared server model
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  • Includes scenario and run management
  • Single user plan
  • For 12 months
  • Shared server model


  • No scenarios, no multiple runs
  • Single user plan
  • For 12 months
  • Shared server model

Derivatives Analytics On Demand

  • Web-based

    No installation necessary, immediate availability, highly scalable, multiple security layers, professional data centers.

  • Global Valuation

    Consistent valuation via Monte Carlo simulation of trades and complex portfolios across asset classes, non-redundant modeling of risk factors, consistent risk aggregation.

  • Asset Classes

    Value derivatives products from a variety of asset classes, like equity, rates, commodities, currencies, credit, volatility, variance.

  • Product Features

    Supported product types/features: European/American/Bermudan exercise, Asian/lookback features, barriers, futures/forwards, swaps, swaptions, annuities, others.

  • Visualization

    Monte Carlo simulation allows for the visualization of every single data point and simulation results – no black boxes anymore; multiple plot types available (e.g. histogram, scatter plots).

  • Easily Integrable

    Import and export from/to Excel spreadsheets, import data from Web sources, integrate DEXISION into any IT environment via Web services.

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